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How A Laguna Hills Chiropractor Can Help Improve Your Sleep


If you are having trouble sleeping at night, a visit to the Laguna Hills chiropractor will do you a world of good.  Research shows that visiting the chiropractor not only helps alleviate your aches and pains, but also will help you get more restful sleep and deeper sleep at night.

Although the Laguna Hills chiropractor, chiropractor Lake Forest, or the chiropractor in Mission Viejo aren’t the first health care professionals one thinks of to help with sleeping issues, studies show that over a third of those who receive chiropractic adjustments experience immediate improvements in their sleep patterns.

If you’re staying awake at night due to aches and pains whether it is neck pain, low back pain, headaches chiropractic care can help alleviate those pains and help improve the quality of your sleep.  Adjustments by your Laguna Hills chiropractor can help to increase blood flow and improve the messages sent by your brain (the central nervous system) to different areas of your body and thus, help to decrease pain and help your body to function at a more optimal level.

Chiropractors are trained experts at diagnosing and treating various spinal conditions that help to decrease your pains and improve the quality of your life.  They can also help point out various optimal sleeping positions and whether you are using the right pillow and mattress.  It is worth noting that most chiropractors discourage any sleeping positions that involve sleeping on your stomach.

Chiropractic is not only for adults, but also for children.  Studies show that over 40% if babies who receive chiropractic adjustments experience deeper and better sleep after just one session.  Of course, better sleeping baby means a more restful sleep for you!!

Regular chiropractic adjustments regulate the function of your nervous system and allow your brain to communicate better with the rest of your body(cells, organs, etc.) and keep you healthier and functioning more optimally naturally without harmful drugs/chemicals.

If you are one of those parents that prefers to take care of your health and that of your family naturally and without the use of harmful medications with loads of side effects, then chiropractic care is right up your alley.  It is safe, it is natural and it is EFFECTIVE!  Here in Lake Forest, Laguna Hills and Mission Viejo, I have been using natural chiropractic care to help patients who have difficulty sleeping.

In addition to Chiropractic care, you may also want to consider looking at your daily nutritional habits/supplements and other lifestyle changes.  Consider reducing your caffeine and sugar intake as they are both stimulants to the nervous system.  As part of lifestyle changes, consider taking up Yoga or other stress management exercises that may help you sleep better at night.  Supplements such as Valerian root, Magnesium, melatonin and tryptophan may also help your body produce more seratonin which is known as  the “sleep hormone” and lead to more relaxation and sleep.

I have been treating patients with sleep difficulties here in Lake Forest, Laguna Hills and Mission Viejo for a long time and it has worked in most cases along with lifestyle and nutritional changes.  Consider adding holistic, natural and safe chiropractic care to you and your family’s life.  Cheers!