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Sports and Chiropractic

Spinal injuries can restrict range of motion, reduce strength, slow reflexes, and decrease performance. Chiropractic care can help. Professional sports teams, Olympic trainers, and competitive athletes are employing chiropractic doctors because they demand results.

Chiropractic care helps restore function to spinal joints that are fixated and not moving properly. Besides helping to relieve pain, chiropractic care can also help reduce inflammation. Muscles, tendons, and ligaments depend on proper joint movement for performance. Injuries to these tissues can reduce range of motion, decrease blood supply, and literally take you out of the game.

Normalizing spinal function helps speed the healing of these soft tissues and reduce the deconditioning effect of being on the sidelines. Whether you play golf, tennis, basketball, bicycle or bowl, the best treatment for sports injuries is prevention!

Prevent sports injuries by proper stretching, warm up and cool down exercises, stay fit and through regular chiropractic adjustments. Find out if chiropractic care can help prevent sports injuries, restore your health, improve your performance, and increase your competitive edge.