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Florence Lefranc, Certified Medicinal Herbalist, M.S.
Like functional medicine, Herbal Medicine addresses the cause of a disease rather than its symptoms. Understanding why you suffer from an illness or why you developed a medical condition is the key to recovery. Herbal Medicine along with the healing attributes of specific fruits and vegetables may help you fight a medical condition naturally by using the substances your body recognizes to heal itself.

I see a lot of different conditions in my practice such as gallbladder stones, leaky guts and auto-immune diseases like multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis to name a few. In each case there are always levels of improvement by using herbal medicine instead of drugs whenever possible and by switching to a nutrient-dense diet.

Fruits, vegetables, animal proteins, herbs and medicinal herbs are easily recognized by the body. It is a primordial instinct. Today, we have lost our survival instinct. We base our nutrition on taste relying on the food industry to feed us not knowing or understanding what is going into our body. As a result, we often miss eating key nutritional foods. As the body becomes continuously deprived of key nutrients various diseases may develop. In today’s fast world our life styles and habits may also affect our need for food and nutrients.

The quality of a holistic approach is that in addition to addressing an ailment, it often has the remarkable benefit of addressing imbalances before these manifest as physical diseases. Through the use of medicinal herbs, you may regain control of your health by understanding the underlying causes of imbalances and allowing your body to heal itself naturally.